Colleen McLaughlin, LMT, RN


Colleen worked with my baby at 8 weeks old following a tongue and lip tie revision, and again at 6 months old to help with reoccurring ear infections. She is so gentle, I was relaxed just watching her hold and lightly touch my baby. My baby loved it, he snoozed through most of the sessions and was noticeably relaxed afterwards. She talked through everything she did and even involved me at points to hold him. She is truly a baby whisperer! 
-Barb, Mom of Jace
My second child was born with a lip and tongue tie just like my first so I recognized the breastfeeding challenges right away. With my first, we had the lip and tongue tie revised, but it was not a fun recovery and still took her many weeks to learn to nurse efficiently. With my son, we began seeing Colleen early on and his revision recovery was a breeze, he nursed efficiently almost immediately and she also helped with make him more regular. I have also suffered with back pain from herniated discs for many years and after just 2 sessions with her I felt better than I ever felt before and kept feeling good!!! I can’t recommend Colleen enough! In addition to being incredibly talented at what she does, she’s just a really great person to be around!
Ashley, Mom of Jameson
My husband and I took our son to Colleen for craniosacral therapy after he had a lip and tongue tie revision upon the recommendation of our lactation consultant.
He was only a few weeks old and we were quite concerned about him and the discomfort he went through with the lip and tongue tie revision. The minute we met Colleen, she was warm and friendly and put us at ease. My mother was at that first appointment as well and Colleen answered all of our questions and helped us to better understand what she was doing and why. Our son responded positively almost instantly, in fact during one session he was so relaxed that he fell asleep! 
Melissa, Mom of Finn